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RETIRED Career & Life Coach, Marsha Friedman  

This is a farewell to my clients, my readers, and my colleagues as I turn the page and enter a new phase of life. For your support, your trust and your commitment, I say thank you. My appreciation is boundless.

For the past decade coaching has been the center of my work. Blessed with clients, colleagues, and audiences who came to me for guidance, support and education, we worked together to achieve your goals. Now, it is time for me to turn my attention to my family and my community.

I look forward to more days spent sharing meals with family and friends, traveling, and playing with my grandchildren. Rounding that out will be live theatre, films, dark chocolate, and good wine which add abundant joy to my life!

Feel free to keep in touch, my contact information is shown below.

For those seeking guidance with the overwhelm of life or support and assistance in your job search, consider these books as your personal coach: