Job Search Mastery

Learn the secrets to successful job hunting!

You are a job seeker


 You’ve been:

  • Laid off.
  • Furloughed.
  • Quit.
  • Asked to leave. 

How do you prepare yourself for the job search marathon?

You polished your resume, updated your LinkedIn profile, and created your marketing plan. Now the hard work begins.  What are you doing to bring your best self to the job search? 

Marsha brings fresh ideas and insights to improve your job search experience by taking a holistic approach.

 Power up your job search process with Marsha’s tips, tools and strategies to get your next job.   


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This book is perfect for job seekers who are angry with their former or current employer, need to explain a complex situation, or are simply frustrated by a job search that is taking too long. Don’t neglect the soft side of job search. Use this book to build a strong foundation for job search success!     – Katherine Burik, The Interview Doctor



No matter where you are on your search journey, this book is for you. Job Search Mastery reveals the how-tos for designing and executing a solid search plan from the basics of self-care and self-awareness to increasing your value for potential employers.  Marsha includes strategies, tools, and exercises to guide you through the inevitable ups and downs every job seeker faces. This practical guide enables you to take control of your career TODAY.    – Lamar Ratcliffe 

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Tools & Resources

The process of finding a job includes building up your skills and keeping a positive attitude.  Marsha shares her insights into the process and how you can manage it to be encouraging and productive.

Help for job seekers Marsha Friedman

Help for Job Seekers Is Only a Question Away

Seeking for a new job will require you to gather information and skills for your new position.  How do you know what you need?  How will you find out?  It’s all about asking the questions


Combat “Less Than” Thinking

Feeling “less than” sends us messages that we can’t do anything right. Here’s how to create a victory log to chase away “less than” thinking and reinforce your strength and self-worth.

Life in the Balance

You don’t have to end each day completely exhausted. In fact, realigning your priorities allows you to gain positive momentum and the Life Balance Wheel is a great place for you to start.

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About Marsha

Marsha is passionate about helping you succeed by recognizing your strengths and encouraging you to use and build on them. The thought of optimizing talent, time, energy, and possibilities fuels her personal mission of guiding you to your full potential.